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Due to the large number of customer enquiries regarding correct dartboard setup, we decided to include the following information and diagram showing the standard measurements for correct dartboard setup.

Dartboard setup instructions

1. The Dartboard Height - Centre of Bull to the Ground
Setup the dartboard height to measure 5 Feet 8 Inches from the centre of the dartboard (the centre of the bull) to the ground. The height can also be measured as 68 inches, 1.73 meters or 173 centimetres.

2. The Dartboard Distance - Ground to the Oche
Setup the dartboard throwing distance to measure 7 Feet 9 and a quarter inch from the front of the dartboard to the front of the Oche (Throwing Line). The throwing distance can also be measures as 93.25 inches, 2.37 meter or 237 centimetres.

3. The Dartboard Distance - Centre of Bull to the Oche
After your dartboard has completely been setup, it is a good idea to measure the distance from the centre of the bull to the oche throwing line) to make 100% sure all measurements are correct. If this distance shows to be 9 Feet 6 Inches then you know your dartboard was setup correctly. The distance from the centre of the bull to the throwing line can also be measured as 115.35 Inches, 2.93 meter or 293 centimetre.
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